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The first few XLCRs that arrived for the dealership i worked in all had engines tagged as "quiet" engines. H-D was pulling the best running and quietest Sportster engines off the test stand and designating them for XLCR use.
I set up all the new bikes so I was the first one to ride them. We would disconnect the speedo and do about a 20 mile loop to test everything, then take them back and wash them for the floor. I got a ticket on a new XLCR for doing over 115mph. Apparently a couple cops in a car were getting on the freeway as I went by and they chased me for a few miles. I never knew they were there until i got off and rolled up to a stop light. They claimed they were running at over 115 for several miles and couldn't catch me. I didn't even think I was going all that fast, just having fun. That ticket cost me $300 in '77 dollars! I could have bought a new XLCR in the crate for $2150 but decided I would rather spend my cash on other things. I didn't want a Sportster. Not because I didn't like them, but because I spent 80% of my working hours repairing them. '80s AMF Sportsters were riddled with problems and I did tons of warranty work. It paid well but made me really dislike them.
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