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I guess this expo was awhile back, so some of you may have seen it, but this is some crazy lookin shit...

Gates Performance showcased a big 154-cubic-inch (2,524cc) prototype engine with a square 4 5/8-inch bore and stroke. The monster motor was built to provide a a monstrous appearance, and win horsepower shootouts, said Gary Maurer from Kustoms Inc, who makes a frame to handle it. "We were looking for a very powerful, very street-able and very dependable motor," he said. "It has to make 225 horsepower at the rear wheel, or we keep dynoing."

My brother just helped a dude in Colorado put together a really silly looking "show" bike with a 147" in it and i thought that was getting out of control.

What next???

kinda has a sick modern pan look to it eh???
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Tha Nutz said:
Sweet! What's not to like?
It's so - - - billet?!!
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