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I guess this expo was awhile back, so some of you may have seen it, but this is some crazy lookin shit...

Gates Performance showcased a big 154-cubic-inch (2,524cc) prototype engine with a square 4 5/8-inch bore and stroke. The monster motor was built to provide a a monstrous appearance, and win horsepower shootouts, said Gary Maurer from Kustoms Inc, who makes a frame to handle it. "We were looking for a very powerful, very street-able and very dependable motor," he said. "It has to make 225 horsepower at the rear wheel, or we keep dynoing."

My brother just helped a dude in Colorado put together a really silly looking "show" bike with a 147" in it and i thought that was getting out of control.

What next???

kinda has a sick modern pan look to it eh???
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W-T-F !!!! You said it...phew...
You will feel these pistons movin', that's for sure..!!
Tim, here ya go...:rolleyes:
oh ya Conders dream !!!!
Danny F. said:
W-T-F !!!! You said it...phew...
You will feel these pistons movin', that's for sure..!!
Tim, here ya go...:rolleyes:
imagine a piston blowing through the top of that thing?

at some point you have to stop...what the hellcompression/gas/etc. does it run?
Tha Nutz said:
Sweet! What's not to like?
It's so - - - billet?!!
I think it's fuckin beutiful in a brokeass **** kinda way....
DÜX Industries from Germany builds engines up to 200"...

Fucking Europeans !!!
I don't give a fuck if something is billet, cast, steel, copper, or made out of recycled dildoes, if it's a fucked up looking engine with crazy horsepower, I'd run it in a motherfucking second.

This has nothing to do with you beezerbum, but the traditionalist mentality that is the "in" thing with wannabe biker bros these days is so extraordinarily fucking gay, it makes me sick.

beezerbum said:
It's so - - - billet?!!
Kinda does have like a Terminator/billet Pan look to it.Definately not my thing.It still doesn't make as much power----or have the visual effect that Potters bike did in the 60's.Way before the suck ass Boss Hoss bikes came out.

Speaking of this kind of power in 2 cylinders---the automakers should pull their heads out of eachothers asses and start building engines with power again.Most of these new 100" motors make more power than the average daily driver.Nothing wrong with that at all,but you'd think cars and trucks should be fun to drive too.

Jimmy Diesel
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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