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WTB Shovel FX parts

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FX 35mm lower tree (not ironhead)

FX complete set of stock mid controls ( left+right with linkage)

Decent condition and cheap price would be awesome



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I've got a couple of the 73-83 FX 35mm lower trees(45608-77A)...I buy and sell FX mid controls regularly and the only parts I know that I'm missing as of now are the brake rod(42257-72) and the shifter rod w/ball joints(34614-74)...I'll get ya some pics later today.Thanks,Junker.
Thanks Junker,
you can send me pics and price at elekvins (at)
or pm me
shipping will be to France
In case you didn't get my email here's pics of the lower trees.I've got another with the fork stop tab intact...thanks,Junker.

Below are pics of the FX mid control parts...
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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