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WTB (for Tr6r): Alloy fenders, 7" Lucas glass, Webco finned points cover

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Alloy mudguards • 7" Lucas headlamp glass• Webco finned points cover.

I'm looking for a set of alloy fenders for my 66 Tr6r -- stock, swingarm setup (19 up front, 18 rear). They will remain polished and unpainted on a daily rider so they need not be in mint resto-worthy condition but should be straight and in good repair. Quality *vintage* aftermarket are fine if they look the part.

I'm also looking for an original Lucas headlamp glass for the road model. I don't need the shell or any other parts as it's all in place and working but with cracked glass. Can the glass be had separate from the inner HL assembly or are they a unit?

One not-original-to-the-bike piece I'm after is a finned Webco points cover (original -- no clones). Same condition as mudguards, a little character is fine but nothing too beat up.

I'm avoiding new manufacture in favor of older English parts.
Thanks all,
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