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WOW!!! I think I'll kill myself now...

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Dont kill yourself, kill the moron that put that pile of junk together!
efingstein said:
To spend 89k on that you'd have to see about a labotamy first...
supercharged 124" motor with wheelbarrow handle bars
thats makes me sick to my stomach:(
aww-fuck!! I took the bait, clicked the link...why, why I ask?

I'm going to stab my eye holes with a pencil...

I thought this board was supposed to be about good bikes. I'm sure everyone could go to ebay or where ever and find a thousand bikes that suck. Please only post cool bikes from now on!
wow! that's pretty queer.
isnt newport news where vonnevile said he may be movin' to?
after seeing that eye cancer
I ALMOST swore off beer....
it was scary...
i shut my eyes....

im ok now.

What a hunk of shit.

"One of twelve bikes chosen from the USA to go to the prestigious Essen Motorsports show in Dusseldorf Germany in December of 2006"

Who's the assholes responsible for the selection process?

I wonder if Miller actually paid for that, or did they build it to try to sell to Miller? Day late and lots of brain cells short. Fuckin' jerk offs.
no better place for the word FUGLY!
Note the bidders lining up!...this got me thinking, in one of my collector car mags I get, (kick ass x-mas presents from my Dad), they had a whole series on the Motorama cars , you know concepts that toured the country back in the fifties, I wonder if in the future, they'll be stories of bikes that were toured...I doubt there will be any Pontiac F-88s among them, but still we might be telling our grand kids, "yeah, I remeber seeing that Miller Lite bike once" what shit box! or " 89,000 was a lot of money back then"
I like that bike as much as I like Miller Lite.
BlueBird said:
I like that bike as much as I like Miller Lite.
Thanks now I'll be having nightmares!
ya cant have the sweet without the sour fellas. i parked my basement built, $5500 triumph next to a $30k billet bike at the local cruise the other night - i didnt even register & i still took home a giant trophy.

its all about the balance of good & evil (aka rad vs fugly).

ps - who the fuck would ride around with a stupid polished keg for a gas tank?!!
If someone is gonna make a beer themed bike, they could at least pick a good beer!

Poor is the man who has never tasted good microbrew.
If you took off the..... and changed the....NEVERMIND. -Strat.
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