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WLA front brake cam orientation?

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Refurbishing the front brake on my old 45 and noticed that one side of the brake cam is "higher lift" than the other. I've never noticed this on any other brake before.

So, which is the correct way round to install this offset cam, so the correct lobe pushes on the correct shoe?
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I have only seen this a couple of times, but all were oriented with the short side to the axle. My 42 has an equal length cam. Most of the offset ones i have seen were on a "D" model & WLDR, not WLA's.
Thanks Slim. After I scraped 70 years of rust and asbestos dust off the cam I found a set of tiny letter saying "outside" and a tiny arrow stamped on the end, which is short side to the axle as you say.
Yes, front wheel is not the original from this bike so possible it has D or DR parts, maybe.

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Even though you found the markings, I have to add my 02. On all shoe brakes, the rear shoe, always takes more abuse, because of the forward motion and the rear shoe also wears faster than the front ones. So it makes common sense that the longer lobe goes toward the rear. Not to mention, with that new of a bike, how could some mismatched parts ever gotten in there. lol
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