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I'm up in PA tonight, only a few miles from Rask Cycles and will stop by there tomorrow AM. I'd like to re-do the wiring on my '66 and didn't get a chance to scope out my needs before leaving. Rask has the 14 gauge wire for only $2.50 per 15' roll.
Looking at some of the Triumph wiring diagrams I've saved, it looks like I need these colors:
Red (2 roll?)
Back (2)
Any reason to buy other colors? My bike only has a tailight, headlight and brake light switch. I'm running a battery and also bought a Tympanium unit to wire in.
I'm also going to get a 15' roll of their shrink wrap.
My plan is to basically re-do all the existing crimp-on/electrical tape wires. Rask says in their catalog to get solder connectors from Radio Shack.
If anyone has additional wiring tips, I'm open to suggestions!
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