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Ok I searched here for this. Im running a mag and know that has nothing to do with wiring my lights. I still have the generator and running it with bosch style "regulator". Ive searched how to wire it,
df- field

The question is as I run the bike around town the lights stay on, flicker at times. But when I get on the hiway at high speeds the lights cut off. I have heard different things about this regulator set up, like that as it reaches its peak it cuts off. Question I have is, is that true and shouldnt the capacitor kick in when and if the regulator does cut off? Also originally I wired the b+ terminal to the capacitor then the lights. Could I have fried the capacitor at this point and now that its wired correctly the capacitor is just no good? Ultimately Im just trying to wire this bike so I have lights all the time without running a battery. Or is this just what I have to deal with with this set up?

Thanks Glen. If Im just being a retard about this I'm sorry.
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