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will the firestone 5.00-16 tire fit on a 4 to 4.5 inch rim

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just wondering as i'd like to buy the firestone deluxe 5.00-16 tire for my rear

but currently i have 6.00-16 size and was scared my rims which are prob 4 inch wide or 4.5 would be too wide?
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Yes, no problem, that rim above is 4" wide with a 5.00 x 16" Shenko..
I have another Goodyear 5.00 x 16" fitted on a 4.50" wide rim in the garage.. will post a pic later today.. it sits just fine also !
Yes its made for that size rim
thats sweet thanks for all the responses!! You guys are A1 :)
Keep in mind when they speak about rim widths it's always measured between the inner beads..

A stock 16" Harley rim is 3" wide between the beads..
That pic above, as I said earlier, is 4" between the beads..(with 5.00 x 16 tire)
These pics below is from a 5.00 x 16" Good-Year tire on a rim that is 4.50" between the beads..
(ok, it's a mock-up on 1943 Willys Jeep rim, but that doesn't make a difference)
As you can see it sit's just as wide as the rim outsides..

(I have mounted 5.00 x 16" tires on 5" rims also, but no pictures..)

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danny- thanks for the pics ordered the tire today, i'll sleep alot better for the next week till it ships :)
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