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A old story on green hd was that one that was painted green was a widow maker it had killed several riders and one mechanic this was told to me in the early 50s. In the early 20s another story that was told on the peanuts was a crewman had been eating peanuts and droping the shells around the engine compartment after a fatal crash peanut shells had caused the gas pedal to become stuck and caused the wreck. HD did not offer green until the 80s. I have never built a race car out of a orignal green painted car.Green race cars were tabo in the south because of several deaths in the 40s.used car dealers dont like green cars as they are hard to sell. Black cats the number 13 and the one about the third person to light up a camel on the same last thing a lot of religon is built on superstition.keep the rubber side down...Bobby..
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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