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WHO said green bikes are BAD LUCK??

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SO im thinking of squirting my fxd a classic hue of green .But a freind of mine says you can,t that color is BAD LUCK.So were did this great urban legend start?any takers?
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2 wheeler said:
SO im thinking of squirting my fxd a classic hue of green .But a freind of mine says you can,t that color is BAD LUCK.So were did this great urban legend start?any takers?
Are you going to two tone the tank?
I've heard that too.
Green being considered bad luck started in Indy car racing as a driver was killed,

read this:

So I asked one of the most knowledgeable guys in the garage: the venerable Chris Economaki. Economaki is editor emeritus of National Speed Sport News, a popular weekly racing publication that has been in existence for 68 years. Economaki explained that in the 1930s and up until the end of World War II, no driver would drive a green car. “It was a pronounced no-no in American racing,” said Economaki.

But how did this come about? “We researched this extensively, and the only thing we could find out was that the first speedway fatality was one of the Chevrolet brothers in California who was killed in a green car. And it was the first accident that killed two drivers. Two drivers had never been killed in a racing accident before. ... That led to the superstition that green cars are bad luck.” .........................................................

I hope this helps.....................
Alot of superstitions have came from the auto racing world and have been around for many years.Peanuts and number 13 are all bad luck to the Indy car drivers also.If you look back thru the history of the Indy 500 you will see up until modern times there were no green cars.The only reason today there are green cars is because the money out ways the superstition and for enough money somebody would drive a tittie pink car if asked to.

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what a minute. what the hell do they mean by "peanuts are bad luck"

i understand the other two.
Green is always good luck! Hell, my cafe is gonna have a green theme. Now it's all these guys with these damn orange cars and bikes that are worrying me. ;)
I'm not too sure on this one.

The race he refers to was a boardtrack race on the 1 1/4 mile Los Angles Motor Speedway, in what is now Beverly Hills. It was on Thanksgiving Day, 1920.

The driver and mechanic that were killed were Eddie O'Donnell and Layll Jolls, who were both in a yellow Duesenburg, and Gaston Chevrolet, who was in a red Frontenac.

Green was a bad luck color in racing way before 1920. It comes from astrology, and the sign of Capricorn. One of the astrological traits of Capricorns is that people born under this sign are thought to be not as lucky in life as people born under other signs. There is also an old superstition that Capricorns are a "jinx" to be around, and that their "bad luck" will rub off on other people.

By coincidence, the astrological color Capricorns were given
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but what of the peanuts?
snortonnorton said:
but what of the peanuts?
The superstition about eating peanuts comes from the fact that some people have a bad allergic skin reaction to them, and they become sick.

With peanuts, sometimes a person can eat them for years, and never have any ill effects, and then they react with them by mainly having the skin swell and itch, especially in the face area.
this is easy, "BIKERS TOLD ME, I BELIEVE THEM, THAT SETTLES IT" wait isnt that a bumper sticker?
maybe old green paint is still bad luck...
mabey base/clear, emron, etc, is not...
or, perhaps polished billet alum counters the candy greens of today.

i've always heard one should never paint a bike green which is easy for me cause i dislike geen.
My luck fades from good to great!
I AM one lucky motherfucker.

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A medium brown tank w/ corn impregnated in the basecoat, then heavily cleared that's something, regardless of luck.
More on peanuts and green I found that most the superstitions have grown like urban legends over the years and once again most can be cured with the almighty dollar when perteining to motorsports.

below is from a list of Indy 500 supertitions.

Speedway Superstitions

It is considered back luck to eat peanuts at the race. Peanut shells were found in the seat of a crashed car in the 1940s.
Many drivers will not drive a green painted car. Until the 1960s, few green cars even showed up at the track. The most recent green car to win the race was Jim Clark's, all the way back in 1965. Certian green cars have been riddled with bad luck.
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ok, the finding of peanuts in crash makes sense now.

im not superstisous or anything......but i had a green bike...and i wont paint another one green.
I've always ALWAYS heard green is bad luck on bikes.....
Years ago now I posted the same question to the HAMB and someone replied with an answer that stuck.
I think it was BigJim394 who simply put "Don't paint it green 'cause green is the color of grass and you don't want to end up there."
Caffiene....I was kind of wondring about your thoughts on the whole thing.
A old story on green hd was that one that was painted green was a widow maker it had killed several riders and one mechanic this was told to me in the early 50s. In the early 20s another story that was told on the peanuts was a crewman had been eating peanuts and droping the shells around the engine compartment after a fatal crash peanut shells had caused the gas pedal to become stuck and caused the wreck. HD did not offer green until the 80s. I have never built a race car out of a orignal green painted car.Green race cars were tabo in the south because of several deaths in the 40s.used car dealers dont like green cars as they are hard to sell. Black cats the number 13 and the one about the third person to light up a camel on the same last thing a lot of religon is built on superstition.keep the rubber side down...Bobby..
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Thanks to all .these have been great posts .But i still can't decide .I did almost forget about caffine .may be i will go back to the color book (one more time ).
2 wheeler said:
Thanks to all .these have been great posts .But i still can't decide .I did almost forget about caffine .may be i will go back to the color book (one more time ).
You ever hear the one about that guy that lost his sack.........

...change the color and I'll tell it to you.
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