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who know info about this bike

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i'm looking for info and pictures about this bike thanks dudes
[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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Don't know if it's related but the "Glory" on the tank reminds me a lot the Buell Hide Motorcycles built few year ago...
There are a few more shots of it here[email protected]/

And all i could find is a blog post. Cnt find anything on Darkside Apache Bodyline.

"SE-5 from Japan shot this wonderful, awesome, light and clean motorcycle. From Darkside Apache Bodyline, traditional fork, rigid frame with thin tubes, the small tyres, the exhaust and the whole line... a mixture of cooper, brass and brown colors. I am fascinated by the details like the covers, the holder with the spring of the seat and and the fuel tank under the frame tube..."
thanks guys i don't understand which is the original engine i think BSA .....
Looks more HD to me.

yes rightcould be a single harley
yes rightcould be a single harley
the frame looks pretty close to original Harley too...
Not could be. Tall rear tire, and linkert.
i don't know how it start without battery !!!
Magneto? Perhaps?
Magneto? Perhaps?
in the pictures i haven't seen the magneto :confused::confused:
follow the spark a horse shoe magneto.
It looks like B21 pea shooter but the head looks diff .I dont know if they changed cast or if its hybrid concoction.
theres an OHV version too .
they used to use them as farm bikes here in NZ . where they all go ? ....
cow shit eats motor bikes real fast .
it looks awesome but i really can't dig the foot controls or that barbie chainguard on the trans
it looks awesome but i really can't dig the foot controls or that barbie chainguard on the trans
i agree!!!! those details do the difference on a bike....;)
Its one of those beautiful & impractical show bikes ?
that engine is a HD 350 cc same as the peashooters
tranny i'm not sure about ,looks a lot like HD ,but its a bit different where the clutch lever normaly is

frame is also HD 350 cc

front end looks like it came of a old english speedway /gras-flattrack bike
james perhaps ?!

gastank and rearfender are custommade for this build i guess
banana seat also custommade ?!

reardrum looks like a K-model but i think its something else
old english i think maybe even a matchless

just my 0.2 ;)
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hard to tell but the handlebars kinda look like harley hummer.
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