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where to cut&weld?

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2 since I havent done it before I was gonna have somebody else hard tail this bike its a 74 sprint well the fella said he was going to cut [email protected] for a better word(since not sure of what its called)the cast that meets the tube of the frame&join the hardtail there.I had thought that it should be cut before that part&joined to the tubes&just make new motor mounts since that part is where they currently are.Anywas any input would be great.Im thinking about just buying an extra frame from a guy&practicing on it&then doing it myself.I talked to a guy who has a few cheap.Well anyways what would you suggest?Thanks

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i would cut the tube and absolutely use slugs plug welded with about 1/8" gap between new and old sections and run the motormount bolt thru the slug just as an extra precaution...

i always reccomend DOM tubing because it is strong and there is no seam to deal with, harder to find but well worth it...

make the slugs to fit as snug as possible and don't assume that they will be the same on both ends...

if the guy welding does not understand slugs and plug weld you may want to keep looking...
Make sure this guy knows what he's doing. If done incorrectly you're gonna have issues later.
Fixed that for ya':

if the guy welding does not understand slugs and plug weld you definitely want to keep looking...
Anybody who's been involved with much welding of the kind of things that absolutely MUST not break should be passin' familiar with gussets, sister plates, plug welds and slugs.

JMO, YMMV, etc...

Take a look at a factory hardtail to gauge what you are doing.

They DO exist, I owned one.

I have a pic of one my grandfather built bake in the early 70s&used to race maybe I can try blowing it up,Yeah well Ive decided to steer clear of that other fella.I knew when he said that it didnt sound right.I talked to another guy I know who builds jap bikes I talked to him awhile back called him last nite&said for 100 bucks bring it down&he will teach me how to do it while we hardtail my bike.So that being said I think I get the best of both worlds I get somebody I already know he knows what hes doing to hardtail it&I get taught hiw to so the next one I can do myself!Im stoked already looking for another unusual project.I know a guy has an ugly allstate that runs maybe bob ot out for my old lady..but Im sure parts are hard to find hmm?
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