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Pricein ad
Post Office Money Order or cash shipping included unless not stated

Bad ASS Ironhead pipes wrap around points...elec start..also has built in motor mount tab to mount it....100$ shipped

Sporty tank customized clear coated.......120$ shipped

1000 Split IH Rockers W/plumbing....150$ shipped

Biltwell risers....65$shipped

Trident sissy....36 tall...8 1/2 at the mounts...100$shipped

Ironhead set up. Make that iron look cool as hell! 21 wheel, newer contanintal tire, rotor, axle, pie slice brake caliper(greatpads). The
whole package for.....250$ Or with out the brake for 200$

Fab Kevin foot clutch hand shift set up off my shovel...150$shipped

Solo seat and P-pad....90$shipped

OEM split fender....130$shipped

Stripped down fender and has nice factory tailight bracket....75$shipped

square horseshoe type oil/battery box for swingarm shovelhead.Fits factory mounts...65$shipped

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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