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what's up with all of these posers?

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About two weeks ago I was leaving work and going home. My bike started spitting and back firing. So I pulled over to investigate. I'm not very good at diagnosing problems on the fly, but that's not the point. While I was pulled over, I swear that half a dozen "bikers" flew by me during the 5-10 min. That I was sitting there inspecting my bike. All of these assholes that just got off work just flew by me. One guy that was heading to work stopped to see if I needed help. I thought that my plugs were fouling so i told him I'd be alright. So I limped home at about 50% power. I get a call last night from a friend as I was getting ready for bed. His buddy was broke down and needed a hand. Everyone else was at the lake or out of town because of the holiday weekend. This buddy of mine couldn't help because he's healing from the suv that hit him 2 weeks ago. So even though i was not in the best shape to ride, I wasnt going to leave a friend of a friend sitting on the side of the road. When i showed up, he had a similar story. His bike was dead in the water, and nobody stopped. So to hell with all of these wannabe's. If somebody is broke down on the side of the road, I will never leave them sitting there alone scratching their head.

P.S. I eventually figured out that my points loosened up and fell out to about .050" and had to be adjusted and retimed.
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Obviously YOU are the problem. I was told by a "biker" that Harley riders always stop and help. You must've been doing something wrong.
HA I agree... I seen it alot here too, I've stopped for people just looking for a map before but when the ground cable fell off my bike same deal as above...I just say oh well and don't let it kill me...Hell their hard bags were probably filled with iced coffees!
Funny the OP is from Wichita, it reminds me of an off topic(for the board, not the thread re breakdowns and help and such) story from while back.

The wife and I were headed home on leave from the army. Going through Kansas, Olathe area, we stopped for gas. I noticed the rear wheel of our cage was wet with what appeared to be diff lube. Hundreds of miles from home, either direction, I decided to limp on. As we exited the Stuckeys, the car stalled. No forward gears, no reverse gears. I looked in the right side mirror, and there on the ground lay my rear wheel, and the axle sticking straight up in the air. A phone call to the ol man and a trailer was in enroute, albeit at least 6-8 hours out.

Us with our Iowa tags, broke down in Kansas. Out came a lawn chair, military wet weather gear, a bag of ice and a 12 pack.

We sat there for hours, car after car not even slowing down to look. Until around 2 PM. A car load of Kansas good ol boys in a TA drove by. Then drove by again 15 minutes later. Were we being cased? Always better safe than sorry, I dug out my side arm. The 3rd time by, they wheeled in, stopped and asked us what the deal was. We told them and said we were still 4 hours from our trailer showing up and had no real idea as to how we were going to load the car.

Their response, a simple hmmmmm, and off they went. My wife scared shitless at this point that we were about to become statistics was frantic. I reminded her that I had 6 shots....HAH!

Anyway, a half hour later, here comes the TA again, a couple of bikes and trucks following along. They pulled up, unloaded several lawn charis, a couple of coolers full of beer, a grill, hot dogs and buns. I about shit.

We sat there in that Stuckeys parking lot for another 4 hours drinking beer, eating hot dogs and shooting the shit with people we'd never met before. The ol man finally rolls in around 8 pm and can't believe his eyes.

We scratched our collective heads for a minute, then decided to put every available man on the rear bumper, and the ol lady behind the wheel. We lifted the ass end up, pushed the car onto the trailer, and chained it down.

One last beer, a shit load of Thank you's and we were on the road again. There are some damned nice folks in Olathe Kansas.
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You gotta stop. I even stop for cars broke Down . At least make sure they have a cell phone. I gotta say around here people always stop and ask if you need help.
Great story fearnoevo! You just can't make that kinda shit up... Its all about the "getting" to your destination, not the destination itself.
id venture to guess none of them stopped because they cant even change a spark plug let alone diagnose an issue with a bike still running points, sorry to hear you had shitty luck but good on you to be self sufficient
there ya go ^^^

rubbies these days have no idea what makes a motorcycle even run, more or less how to actually work on the damn things!! And with all these 'weirdos' out's simply too dangerous to stop and offer help.


My wife hates it whenever I stop to offer help to riders alongside the road....but I've been there way too many times to even consider blowing by.

Great story FearNoEVO!!! Loved it!! Awesome to hear that there's good folks still out there!!
id venture to guess none of them stopped because they cant even change a spark plug let alone diagnose an issue with a bike still running points
If someone (or an entire demographic) is used to newer EFI and ECU type pushbutton bikes and see you on some Triumph/ironhead/old BT, there isn't a damned thing they can do for you and they know it. They're probably also smug because their shit never breaks.

Also...just about everyone now has a cell phone, so the probably make that assumption as well.

In addition, iced coffee can be a refreshing drink. Don't hate.
when i left hospital after my 5th chemo i even stopped to help a fellow biker with an old bike stranded on the site of the road
since i was all blurry of the chemo i offered him to put the bike in my vanand drive him home
my father helped the guy to put the bike in and out
i think i made a new friend because of that
because i had a thank you note the next day on my doorstep

i always stop/help and hope that someday i need help ,someone will stop for me too !!
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