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Von Tingler Tshirt
Wild Willy winged express poster
Von Dutch poster framed
Old Sports Illustrated with Roth
New TV for the garage with tv mount
a few calendars.
Craftsman Mitre saw and the whole table setup, etc. (taking back and getting tools i need)
a floor jack
a creeper
sears gift card.
some DVD's

god dad a cover from california car cover and a chrome shiny starter for his coupe.

and a douche.(of course)

oh yeah and this


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-I got a "dice" and "garage" subscriptions and a renewal on my "rod and custom"
-Dad got me a benchtop grinder/sander.
-new pair of grinders boots.

I got my wife a violin, and my kiddo (4 years old) a drum set. this should be fun.

1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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