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Can I assume the downtubes are welded directly to the neck and the gusset is just wrapped around them, or, do the downtubes "stop" inside the gusset and it's built as one big monocoque lump?
Anybody peel off this gusset? Pics?
Sorry I don't have pictures, but I saved the steering head from my 97 sporty frame when it got raked and stretched and coverted to a single DT. It's a damned mess in there with everything joined up to the head and then plated over. Don't even bother trying to dissect it.

For a basic rake job, Use a sawzal and just whack through everything from underneath about an inch behind the steering head, leave a quarter inch uncut at the top, pull it out to whatever rake you want, and weld in wedge shaped filler pieces.

If you intend to do much more (as I did recently), and actually need to fully separate your steering head and then re-use it, you cut all the way through everything, and then once the head is off, put it in a vise and clean off the remnants with more cutting and lots grinding before re-installing it on the new frame work. Just mind those serial numbers.
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