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What size tubing is a factory h-d swingarm

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Do any of you guys know what size the tubing is on the late model h-d swingarms (99-and up)? The reason is i was think about buying one of ebay and cutting the factory axle plates off and useing them on a 1'' tubing rigid frame build.
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I think Fab Kevin makes axel plates, might be a lot cheaper.
Sorry I dont know the info you need.
I e-mailed Kevin a while back when I was planning on making a hardtail for my shovel and he recomended bitter end choppers for standard aftermarket rigid style axle plates.

I also don't have the info you asked for, but maybe that can help you out a little bit.
Yea ive seen them before. Im looking for something with alittle more detail, and not just a flat plate. The plates from a factory h-d has more detail from being machined instead of being just flat. Plus it really doesnt look new, because it's still a plate, and you can see the axle. You can look on ebay under h-d swingarms and see what im talking about. They would be nice looking on a rigid.
Plus you can pick up a take off swingarm for under $75 bucks. And just cut them off.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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