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Flyin' Dutchman said:
No.. It's not mine.. I just found this pic and wanted to know what kind of pump it was...

I think I have a standard type morgo... I had to trim it down to fit my timing cover. The first timing cover I mounted cracked because it didn't clear the pump by a millimeter or so.
YO tilly!
I was looking at these for my pre-unit. $$$$!!!!! Big bucks! Lots of flow, but I have heard some of the negatives too. I run that external spin-on filter and I've heard a couple times it will blow-by the filter if it's too much flow for the filter to handle. The other biggie I heard was you have to restrict the rocker box feeds a little too because of the extra flow. Really more flow than what the motor was designed to handle is what I walked away with after some research. I don't honestly know how much truth there is to the things I heard because everyone seems to have there own "expert" opinion on things, but that's my input anyway. They ARE wicked looking and a good design for an oil pump. Ultimately I ended up using a Morgo stock style plunger type that was just slightly oversized. Figured the slight more flow would be good since I'm running that spin-on external.
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