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Went to look at one bike...and found another

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The Ariel...I don't think I could afford the Chief...big wampum...:eek:
I've heard of these........ so-called Indians :D

Sweet, post up some pics and video if you can of that Ariel !!
I can only guess by saying," Red Hunter" 500cc 1950-53 ?????
Regardless, its frickin beautiful !!!!!!!!
The Indian really wasn't on the block..Ariel..350..'51..older restore...(the cubs are jealous)...I'll post some pics later...need some daylight...
Danm ! you are one lucky dude ! My Ariel is still missing so many parts and here is one complete :-o...... Nice find !
Wow --- Have you started it up and maybe rode it yet ? If you do, maybe post a video !
Damn, nice bike!! +1 on more picts!

Running but wrong carb...amd maybe an air leak...will not pull itself...NO PROB...:D:D:D
Might want to check the timing while your in there, sounds like it isnt far from being a rider!
yea thats an awesome bike right their! I like the color alot..
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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