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well here I am!! intro

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I have been into all bikes since I was a kid but who hasn't right. about 6 years ago I bought my first chopper it was a 67 triumph that I was never able to get on the road. Then I traded it and a 56 pontiac for a 71 iron head which was alot fun and I got(HAD) to learn how to keep it on the road. A few years ago I had some money saved up and new I wanted build one from the ground up so I gave the sporty to my buddy for a wedding present and built my own. I can't tell you how much I love the whole aspect bikes.I don't care if it is riding or working on them I can't get enough. I would rather be on the side of some highway wrenching on a bike then sitting on some sofa scrathing my nuts wacthing the boob tube.
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that is when it was first done. and the old sporty. My buddy did a nice job rebuilding it.
this is what it looks like now minus 1/2'' wheel spacer..

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good stuff man, welcome to the board.
nice rides. clean work. Welcome aboard. keep the pics comin.
I live in Arlington but killeen is in pretty mouth county i think!
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