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Take a look at the oil passages and the interior of the case. Smoothing the transfers of casting flash and whatnot. Especially the area that scrapes the crank, and transfers back to the cam chest. I heard you can polish the inside of the case for a little extra from friction losses.

The heads dont need to be ported cause the ports are huge anyway but they have some smoothing that can be done especially the inside corner below the valve seat. while pretty unscientific, use compressed air at around 30 psi or less to blow through the ports, you can feel the flow layers with your fingers to give you a good idea on how smoothing the casting flash helps.

look at all the gasket surfaces and use a file to make them flat again, such as the two case halves.

check for locating dowels and redo the ones that are missing, chances are there are some that are gone.

look at all the internal threads and clean up the ones that are not so pretty.

check your rockers for a mixed order. the exhaust rockers have an extra oil passage that puts some oil on the valve for a little more cooling. these are often mixed and not right (mine were).

this is stuff you can do on your own and doesnt cost much, but helps you see all corners of the motor.
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