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WanTed cycle electrics generator!!!

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Does anyone have a cycle electrics
Generator or a
Good end caP regulator
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Have a new 6volt end cap. Cycle electric. Can order 12 volt for you if you don't find one here. Bout $110.00 shipped USA. You didn't say if you wanted 6 or 12 volt.
12 volt. Thanks I'm looking for a gently used one. I can order one as well. Thanks
be careful with used electrics
I know your always taking your chances but cycle electrics is a great cOmpany and they do all repairs in house family owned and operated.
I know its over double the price your probably looking for but I just saw a guy here in Colorado is making these
Thanks but you can buy a whole generator for that kind of money.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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