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VL Front end..about as nice as they come for being 70+ yrs old..dis-assembled,blasted,re-painted,and greased..bolt on and go..$SOLD
Pan wishbone..oakland roadster show winner circa 1976..was run by a riding partner of mine for the past 10yrs..dis-assembled the bike to repair a crack in the frame below the neck casting on the right hand side which you can see in one of the pictures..after he fixed it,he decided to go with a swing-arm after it was apart since he is now 61..tank was welded to frame when it was done waay back in the day..little bit of bond where it was removed and you'll be good to go..$950...
Flanders Risers..dis-assembled,blasted and re-assembled..$350..
19" Invader round spoke wheel...straight..usual minor surface rust...should clean up fine..$150..
18x1.75 Radelli spool wheel...straight..minor surface rust...also should clean up fine..$90..
Early 33.4mm xlch front end..clean and minor blemish on right hand lower leg...also comes with the correct headlight eyebrow not shown..$SOLD...
35mm single disc...straight...very top of threads on lower tree are cheesed up a bit,so your gonna have to deal with that...or just replace the lower tree..$100..
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