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Vise Grip '54 Pan Volume II

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I posted some pics in the panheads forever thread, but thought I'd share some here. Stoked to be back on the road.

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I love this bike. What kind of pipes, forks, rake?
Pipes are just a paughco set, forks - 33.4mm sporty front end, rake - who the hell knows, frame was a stock '53 wishbone at one point in time, then was chopperfied.
Nice bike! I bet it's a handful in Austin traffic.
It splits the Austin city lanes like a champ. Now stopping, that's another story, I just try not to stop.
Flippin' lovely. Gorgeous photos too.
Thanks Guy, Much appreciated.
I've been avoiding saying anything because this Pan makes me hate your guts.

Seriously...turned out fucking wicked.
Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
Great looking Pan, any details on your mid contorl set up? Are the peg brackets welded or clamped on to the frame?

Sorry for the noob question.
We made the mid control setup out of 5/8 stainless and welded a tab of stainless flat stock, shaped it, then it bolts directly into the floorboard tabs on the wishbone frame.
I would be interested in knowing a little about the bird deflector as well. Is it a stock H-D or somthing you had made?
BLOTTO was selling these bird deflectors (may still have some for sale). I'm assuming he had a run of them cast since it seems he has a handful to sell.
do you happen to have any clips of it running or riding?
I don't at the moment, but I'm planning on gopro'ing it pretty soon. I'll get on that.
1 - 9 of 37 Posts
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