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The first has a 1" stem, and measures 34 1/2' from the bottom of the stem to the axle hole. I took it apart to clean and lube it, and replace some of the hardware. The chrome is in good shape for the most part. It is a heavy, stiff front end. It has some nice features like spring retainers on the spring rods, and bronze bushings in the rockers. I'm not sure who made this one but it's nice and narrow with cool looking rockers and top tree. It is missing the top tree/ nut, and there is a headlight mount welded to the lower tree. SOLD

The second has what looks like a Triumph/ British stem (I think it measures about 1 1/8"). It's about 3" shorter than the springer above. I took it apart too and replaced the spring rods and some hardware, and cleaned it up as well. The chrome is in pretty good shape with some surface rust around the trees/ springs. It is missing the rockers, and there is some brazing on the bottom of 2 legs. This springer is also very narrow and looks like it might be made either by Wheel Specialties, or possibly Denvers/ Ness. It's hard to tell without the rockers but I have one very similar made by Wheel Specialties. Asking $225 plus shipping for this one.

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