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CityHot prings
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First up nice old skinny trees. $275 shipped in USA . I just bought these from a old friend that was recently on american pickers! I guess they missed them! Very nice will polish up well.even has spacers to goes on top. I got some extended tubes you can get for cheap if you buy them
next skinny 18chopper wheel. Asking $250 shipped in USA .tire is 250-18 36 spoke hoop has a stop.a.chopper hub. Would go good with above trees.
SS air cleaner came of a old gbl carb it pretty nice has correct early backing plate Too! $150 shipped in USA
next is a unity spotlight it's complete and works. It took off a wrecker a long time ago. Its nice not beat or rusty $100 shipped in USA
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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