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Vintage LSR Vincent

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I spotted this on an Irish forum and thought I'd post it here for the hell of it. The picture was taken in 1953 in Ireland. The photo shows Phillip Vincent, his wife, Dennis O'Neill (reserve rider) and Harry Lindsay. The Vincent is "Gunga Din" one of the more famous racing Vincents. Harry set an Irish speed record of 143 mph that day. I guess I have an interest in this photo as I've known Harry for more that 40 years.

By weslake at 2012-04-11
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I would love to ride that!
Awesome machine. Thanks for posting the pic. Look at the diameter of the head pipes. i would love to hear it run.
As I looked at the photo I was thinking Rollie Free went 150 in swimming trunks. Maybe if Harry had have dumped the leathers for trunks the drag reduction might have got him to 150.

Dean, Not "Gunga Din" but here's Neville Higgins blown Vincent "Jindivik" at I believe the sprint at Ramsey held during TT week.

great pic :)

wonder why three of them have weird looking left eyes ??
Only you would notice that knuckleworks! Very cool post.
Only you would notice that knuckleworks! Very cool post.

well old pics with people interest me as much (allmost) as the mechanical thing as they are surrounding or are in/on :)
Damn! He got that blown Vincent rolling, then hammered it and got the rear tire loose!
wow two Vincents in one pic! is the very first!
great pic :)

wonder why three of them have weird looking left eyes ??
It may be a genetic disorder. They are on an island, ya know. Cool bike though!
Can't tell you much, but I saw that very bike a long time ago in a motorcycle parts trade stand at a Classic Bike Show in Stafford GB... Got some shots somewhere... When I saw that scultured tank, Whaooo!!! T'was obviously an LSR bike, no fenders or amenities of any sort...

Hoofhearted, thanks for posting this period shot... Until now I did not know if it was proper or "modern interpretation"!!! How the side car progressing these days???

Oh well, it's been "restored"... Can't owners ever leave things alone???

12 photos in the gallery...

As it was found in 1960 in the remnants of the factory...

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Hi Patrick. The sidecar is doing well. It will be out as 650 this year. 544cc to be exact. You coming over this year?

Its a shame they can't perfect alone. Over restoration is one of my pet peeves.
Lusted after Vincents since I was a kid. For many years when Sturgis was smaller there was always one parked in the same spot on mainstreet.
Hoofhearted: You coming over this year?
Wish I could... No for the moment. haven't finished all the mods yet to make the bike more "user friendly" if such a thing exists for a salt bike...

Lifted the heads last week, engine is more than OK... Thinking seriously about selling another bike to finance the next trip...

Patrick from -today at least- sunny Sandbach
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