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Vintage Lights

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Pricein add
Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING to the lower 48. USPS money orders preferred, or paypal as a gift.

Unity 6' spot light- everything is brass under chrome, unusual knob on the back, a few dings in the ring, takes a standard 5 3/4" bulb like Bates style lights. $55

Small Unity spotlight with handle. Everything works, handle/ light swivel. Really nice Bakelight black/ white handle would make a cool shift handle. Housing does have a small ding in it. Most everything except the shaft are solid brass under chrome. Takes a standard Harley/ spot/ fog bulb (4 1/2" I think). $70

Small painted light- same bulb size as above. $35

Fender light with dark orange glass lens, I think it's stamped tin (?). It's a single filament but could be made a dual for tail/ brake light with some work, then paint the inside lens transparent red. $40

Round taillight with plastic lens (on the left in pic). $15

Small round glass light, single filament but could be made dual I think. Would be neat on a sissy bar. $25

Small red glass indicator lens/ housing. $10

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Rectangular headlight, needs a bulb. $30

Bates/ KD bottom mount lights, need bulbs, but I have bulb retainer clips. Both have a few small dings. $20 for the internal bottom tab one, $30 for the older external tab one.

Bates/ KD side mount, needs bulb but I have the retainer clips. $20

Old dual headlights, mount is a little funky. $30

Bates (first 2 are stamped but beat up, third is made in Japan) side mount headlight brackets. $10

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Price drop on the old stuff, and a bunch of new stuff.
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