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CitySan Jose
Pricein ad
Shipping prices are for lower 48 states. Paypal as gift!

1. SOLD Really clean early Triumph Tank, Cub Model I believe.

2. Harley Hummer/Scat tank. Original vintage Tin, clean inside, some dents, but still looks good! $165.00 $20.00 shipping

3. King/Queen seat, real nice condition. $105.00, 25.00 to ship

4. Brand new "Hot Match" spring loaded kick stand, never used. The Cadillac of kick stands! $80.00, $7.00 shipping

5. 39MM front end "detail kit" by Gardner Wescott. Every conceivable piece of hardware and then some in brilliant chrome plating. $45.00, $8.00 shipping

6. SOLD Tiny rectangle head light $ 30.00, $8.00 shipping

7. SOLD Chopper Magazines, Iron Horse, The horse (issue #9), Hot Bike, Jammer handbook.

8. Evil Knievel VHS tape, all the jumps, all the crashes!!!! $25.00, $5.00 shipping

9. SOLD Last but not least is an Original American Racing Magnesium 12 wheel, 15" x 3.5". Think of Dick Allen and the South Bay Style or the Born Free Shovel give away bike. These do not come around very often! Still needs to be adapted to cycle bearings but if you have access to a lathe....
$800.00, shipping $30.00

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