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CityThe Springs
Vintage Chopper Magazines and more - SOLD

Up for sale are three magazines. $20 shipped. - ALL SOLD.

First one: March 1978 issue of SUPERCYCLE. This is a very sweet issue with alot of very cool features. Check out the images below. This magazine is in good shape. The back cover is a little wrinkled.

Second one: January 1979 issue of Iron Horse. This is a killer issue with alot of very neat features. Check out the pics below. This magazine is in overall good condition. There is edge wear on the covers and corners.

Third one: November 2006 issue of BIKER. This issue covers Gabe Griffins insane shovelhead (Kill Yourself) as seen in the pics below. Also in the issue is George Counes (Spartan Frameworks) killer knucklehead.

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