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VIN# help?

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im trying to get all the legal crap taken care of for my 70 TR6C. I'm pretty sure the numbers in my frame are hand stamped (im getting them redone so they arent so obvious) I checked with the PD & they said it comes up clear. I need to know what the VIN should look like. Not so much the visual but the content. I just want to make sure this number has the right amount of letters & numbers in the right place for what it is. Could anyone with a 70 TR6C tell me what the number should consist of?

ie "TR6C XX123 4567" ??

(anyone who feels the need to give me a lecture about illegit' numbers & all that bullshit - please refrain. i paid for the bike, its not stolen, i ran the numbers & it came up clean[no history])
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If your numbers look hand stamped, it is because hey WERE hand stamped at the factory. Post some pics of the numbers that are there and I can tell you if they are legit or not. no reason to restamp factory numbers. . .
hey doug,

luv ya man. what are you doing??

I have seen the 1970 frames without the little stampies. But there is no mistaking the 1970 number boss on the frame, it is nice and square or it has been ground down. fewer ways to mess with the 1970s Bonne or TR6
the frame numbers are righteous as rain, the cases I could spot a mile away as being ground off. If you brought it to my shop in Cali, i would sell you some new cases and we could title it mismatched, no worries. Chippies (CA Highway patrol, they do inspections) usually will shoot first and ask questions later. Most of the time they ask ME all the questions.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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