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Going to be running my 66 t100c (single amal, concentric 600 series, dual open short pipes, no muffs) with a cheap-o v-stack. (Spun aluminum, cone-shaped, with the rubber boot on the bell of the trumpet)
Going to run a screen in the trumpet mouth, anybody know the best size of threads/wires per inch? McMaster Carr has a shitload of sizes, but I was kind of looking to find something to keep it breathing OK, without too much air flow. (Kind of like the brass weed-pipe screens that you see in liquor stores [or back in high school]), Can't find anything at the local hardware stores, so ordering must do. Unless...?

Any help?

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British only sells the screens in Velocity stacks, not sure if they sell them separate. Might be worth an email to them.

And then there is always eBay...

I dig these with the "domed" brass ones. I guess you could always go ghetto-style and stretch your girlfriend's panties over it and hold it with a zip tie. I would suggest a clean pair. If you want to replicate high school for me, it would be a Coors Lite can with a bunch of holes poked in it, but not sure that would look very good...

When all else fails, call Wes at Four Aces, he could probably tell you what the screen is called and what isle at Home Depot to find it on!

Good luck.


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