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I got a quick repair question for you sewing types.
Is there a way to get wrinkles out of vynil?
I had my bike up on a lift for WAY too long & because I am an idiot I didn't protect the seat good enough before I strapped the bike down.
(I know, I know...I SHOULD have just taken the seat off....I wasn't planning on leaving it THAT long).
Anyhow...I did cover the seat but the strap I used still squashed down the padding (which is already coming back into shape) & left a nice wrinkle in the vynil cover.
Is there a good way to rub the wrinkle out?
Should I even worry about it?
It does seem to be getting better but are there any tricks for dealing with vynil?
Or anything I absolutely SHOULDN'T do?
I know...its a dumb question & I haven't had enough coffee today to make it sound....well....less dumb.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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