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hey jockeys,

my bike is starting to look like .......well, a bike.

still trying to scrounge some coin for a spoke rear rim.
just got my hands on some avon speedmasters.

brass risers are from mute @ dmc chops ( sweetest deal in town)
super sixties grips
blah blah blah blah

made the shift knob myself self . some epoxy resin. left over vespa paint and poured it into a racketball.

i got the jockey shift from some friend of a friend of my pops, for 50 american dollars.

long way to go still!!!!!!1

thanks to everyone on the board for answering some on my questions.

here is a coupe pics......

and a pic of me trying to look like a bad ass with my ural a couple years back.hehehe


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I like that, course I am partial to sportys. Those risers look good on there.

Reading the post above, sounds like a name for the bike.. lol.
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