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You know when your a few beers in and on Ebay? Basically thats the background on most of this stuff. But you, your savvy, sophisticated, possibly sober and looking to score. First up a unity head light body I've got the lense.somewhere, (ill find it) It needs the part that holds the lense so its a parts light but a decent one. The spotlight has dents but its whole, smooth, w/ full articulation, soulful, like a girlfriend without the bitchyness.

The handle bars: black is a flanders w white coke barrel grips the other I have no clue, never used it nor the grips, clean like an ebola free new friend, start that relationship today.

35mm uppers for that hotrod bar hopper project sitting in your kitchen. Or stuff one with styrofoam slip it over your .30-06 barrel and tell your neighbors your deer hunting rifle is fully surpressed, they prolly wouldn't know anyhow. Staring at their facebook page again most likely. You know it's true.

Never even unpacked them.
Ewarts fuel tap, soaked in carb cleaner ran a rag over it all professional like, smooth action. I'd get that trick upgrade kit for non corked, leak free perfomance but as is it is a good solid piece. Personally I'd tell a hipster it's a rare espresso drip from italy for sale at fifty bucks but only in pre 1986 dollar bills. Sit back and watch the internal struggle.

Each item twenty dollar plus whatever it costs to ship.
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