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Is it a primary breather or a cam breather? if it is a cam breather, then you gotta stick the breather tube up in there and then route it above the engine cases or route it into your oil tank, always remembering that the oil tank has to breath as well. The return to the oil tank creates a lot of pressure too. I have routed the breather pipe up into the rear down tube of th frame and then stuck a rag or "diaper" as i call it up in there to soak it up. then change the diaper every once in a while. One of those little pipes that join all of the hoses together on a later model bike (1969 and 1970) are useful.

If it is a primary breather, do the same thing although there is usually less trouble with a primary breather.

Richie said:
Say, what did you guys do with your engine breather tube?
I noticed last night that I am blowing so shit out of there & its making a mess of my frame & fender.

Remember you are makeing as much compression going down with the pistons as you are going up. Older motors tend to breath less heavily new motors with good rings are sometimes serious breathers.
What's your cure?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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