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Unit Triumph G'box Lay shaft

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needle roller bearing, it seems the blind hole is blanked by a steel disc. Is the bearing removed by driving out from the disc side then replacing the disc?

I'm guessing being a needle roller you can't force it out using the hydraulic method by packing with grease then usinga drift.
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The hole is not a blind hole, i runs all the way through the case. It takes a needle bearing that is capped on one end.

This bearing is installed from the open end so as not to deform the closed end and mess up the bearing.


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The needle bearing in the gearbox has a closed end.

You should use the factory drift with a shoulder on it, and drive the bearing out from the inside of the gearbox. Then replace with new closed end needle bearing.

Check manual for install instructions. You want to leave it sticking up a bit to keep the thrust washer in place.
being a needle bearing it should be good to go, unless you buggered it up. they don't really wear out like a bushing does.
but the pre units did have a blanking plug on some of them and some were just open ended.
never come across a bearing with a closed end , so that explains what Ithought ws a flat (pressed?) blanking disc.

So it can be driven out, i was a little puzzled it looked like it has to be pulled.

The bearing has a slight oxidised / rust appearance that's the only reason I was going to replace it.

Anyhoos , more than enough info to tackle the job, thanks for the feed back.
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