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unfinished business

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didn't get done in time for smokeout, but i guess she's out of the closet just the same

rock on
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jw_ said:
i think the engine sits about as high as it would in a stock bike. i agree that the visual space between the engine and lower rail is troublesome, though. when you widen the lower rails on an ironhead, you get into accessability issues
I personally like lots of empty space on bikes.

That thing fucking rules. Great job JW
I might be wrong, because it's hard to tell from the angle of the pic, but it looks like the chain will run into the oil tank.
Optical illusion, I hope...Good looking frame...I like the mag
eric123 said:
Optical illusion, I hope..
you can see in the last pic where the tank is notched
Didn't catch that the first time through...:rolleyes:
^^ dayum, I didnt either, nifty
****** said:
you can see in the last pic where the tank is notched
I was wr... wro....mistaken. I stand corrected.
JDub....great imagination dude...with that big long chain you gonna run tensioner's top and bottom?? I think I'd atleast run one on the top rail by the oil tank....definetly different and I likes it even though it isn't a panhead Heh heH....I wanna see that done...ROCK ON DUDE...later Chaz
gonna put a rub strip in the tank cutout. might also run a roller somewhere along the bottom. gettin there slowly.
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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