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unfinished business

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didn't get done in time for smokeout, but i guess she's out of the closet just the same

rock on
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BarryW said:
I especially like that newfangled invisible chain. Pretty suave!
what did you think i meant when i said it was unfinished?
Dragon said:
so just why must the engine, thus the c/g, sit that high .. with all that air above the lower rails ..

maybe it's just me, but I know what kinda weight there is to an ironhead, just have to wonder ..

maybe that's part of what makes 'SWOOP' = 'cool and original'; I wouldnt know ..

i think the engine sits about as high as it would in a stock bike. i agree that the visual space between the engine and lower rail is troublesome, though. when you widen the lower rails on an ironhead, you get into accessability issues.

i can tell you one thing for sure though... it's a hell of a lot easier to criticize one than it is to build one from scratch.

as to cool... i'll leave that for others to decide.
exmonkeypunk said:
interresting frame. what'd you start with?
it started with a blank autocad drawing and a picture of an ironhead engine. i drew it up a couple years ago as a design exercise, trying to come up with a frame made entirely of arcs.
gonna put a rub strip in the tank cutout. might also run a roller somewhere along the bottom. gettin there slowly.
1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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