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unfinished business

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didn't get done in time for smokeout, but i guess she's out of the closet just the same

rock on
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awesome ingenuity.
looks great!
man o man there is a lot I like about that bike
exmonkeypunk said:
interresting frame. what'd you start with?
pipe and a bender? maybe a few beers
jw_ said:
i think the engine sits about as high as it would in a stock bike. i agree that the visual space between the engine and lower rail is troublesome, though. when you widen the lower rails on an ironhead, you get into accessability issues.

i can tell you one thing for sure though... it's a hell of a lot easier to criticize one than it is to build one from scratch.

as to cool... i'll leave that for others to decide.
dont worry with it, I never noticed the space until pointed out and then, it still doesnt jump at ya.
when the bike is completed there will be other things to grab the eye as well.
crap, if it is troublesome to ya, I'll take it and worry with it at my place :D
its beautiful and full of great ideas I'm gonna steal on my next fat tired mini chopper build;)
^^ dayum, I didnt either, nifty
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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