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Understanding Conder????

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I just left the local Wally world and while my wife and daughter were shoppin for the groceries I hang at the magazine rack with the rest of the misplaced Males.

I thought I would pick up a HotBike mag and as I am thumbin thru it what do I stumble on to but a article about our very own Conder and the Conderosa.

Conder very interesting article and after reading it its good to see that the little guy does have a chance to make it in the industry driven world of motorcylces and now you are able to march to the beat of your own drum .

I live just up the road from your old stompin ground and its good to see a good ole southern boy do good......Also tell your old man the barn idea was a great idea and he should have marketed it.

Do ya ever make it home to the old KY ever?

Continued goodluck with your endeavors and thanks for the tiny look inside a old country boys head who is doin good......
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oh? that's cool.

Caffeine has been in severable magazines as well now. man. everyone is famous here.
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