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OK, i know this is a stupid, noob ++ question, but i have searched the entire internet, including the search function on this board. I am also to dumb to understand the manual that came whit my brand new Ultima 53-644 ignition. This is the one whit six switches, not the one you can hook up to a laptop.

Can anybody please tell me how the switches should be placed so that i can start my bike ?
I have an 84 late Shovel, kick only. I am using the singelfire coils and i dont have voes. The manual tells me not to ground the voes wire from the ignition unit, but i have read several places that i shud do this.... any inputt on this ?
I would realy like to get my motor in good shape so that i can start concentrating on my pipes and fenders and brakes and so on :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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