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tympanium wiring question

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there are two yellow wires on the typanium.

there are two wires from the alternator - one green/yellow and the other green/white.

does it matter which yellow wire goes to which alternator wire?

diagram wasn't specific so i don't think it makes any difference, but just the same i'd hate to have it wrong.


ps- triumph 650 if that matters; red tympanium wire to frame ground, brown to batt

pps- thanks in advance for any help
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Doesn't matter.

Here's a diagram, to back it up.


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Forgive the ignorance, please, but what is a tympanium?

Is it like a voltage regulator on an auto?

:rolleyes: Fricking newbies....
thanks ol' scratch! that's exactly what i wanted to hear.

slipkid, yep that's pretty much exactly what the tympanium does. a mitymax is similar except that it also fuctions as a capacitor (the capacitor would replace your battery if you were to remove it).

Thank you gentlemen (I'm working on that assumption until proven wrong) for the info. Well, I've learned my new thing for the day. Time to have a beer. :)
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