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need a ringjob.have a triumph tr7rv. a friend mic'd my jugs and pistons
and said i need to find out what the factory bore size is. i'm new to machine work and lingo and hope i get the correct rings,pistons if needed, and parts ordered and convey the right info . he said my pistons are 2.981 and bore is 3.012 .I read somewhere that early tr7rv is different than later tr7rv. any info on triumph rings and where and what to order is very appreciated. I read this "750 nominal bore 2.9916. early 725 bore 2.9527"
just trying to order the right this the correct numbers to give?
and which ones if so.i belive mine is a has right hand shift.

i met him selling some sportster parts on c-list. he didn't buy the parts but offered to mik my jugs if i let him take them home. he called with this info tonight, but said he needs to know what they start at so he knows if it is already bored out. a ring job should get my chop running.i had 60 psi cold after 6-7 kicks.i bought it not running.i've never heard it run .he mentioned a spray to help unstick the rings.should have wrote it down. i know pistons uasually have the numbers on top.mine say nothing. hepolite inside and some numbers.will thse numbers inside tell me?

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