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TRW 500 extrator search...

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Howdy folks! I am tearing down a TRW 500. I have managed to find 2 of 3 pullers I need. The one I have not found yet is the crank puller. I have given up on using the part numbers that are in the manual because they are either outdated or superseded, and I have contacted everyone with a website and no one has this puller. However, I have found that pullers from other bikes have worked for the cam and clutch. The crank gear is approximately 1" in diameter and the puller attaches to external threads. So this puller will have an ID of about 1" and the threads will be internal around 20 tpi. If anyone has a tool thats close to this please reply and let me know the part number and application. Thanx!
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Re: TRW 500 crank extrator search...

...I thought I would add a follow up to this for posterity.

The OD of the thread on the clutch hub puller is very close to the that of what is on the crank measurements indicate its about .005" larger. Additionally the thread pitch appears to be the same (20tpi). So it occurred to me that the clutch hub should screw onto that gear, and as it turns out it does. It is a bit looser than what you would want, but it is a good enough fit that I was able to screw the clutch hub onto the crank gear, and get a set of 3 jaw gear pullers around the clutch hub and remove the gear. Here are a few pics...
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