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truckedup died this morning

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hey folks

tony pascarelli posted here under the name of truckedup. he died this morning in his home in new york, under hospice care for about three weeks now. he'd had cancer for several years, but it came out of remission the middle of last month and progressed pretty quickly. it was not unexpected.

tony posted here on a variety of topics related to his experience with building, tuning, and racing vintage british motorcycles, i knew him because he got me into land speed racing on vintage triumphs, and i had the pleasure of taking his top speed record away from him.

he was a capable and pragmatic designer, and built this, among other things:

one of the other things:

tony was also an opinionated, profane, and outspoken old fart. i'll miss him. no funeral, which is absolutely not surprising, from him.

just wanted to let you folks know.
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Thanks for the heads up (or heads down, in this case).
I didn't know him or his work, but obviously had great abilities according to the posted pics. Another talented person onto another mission. He will be missed.
Another good fella called home , God speed and God bless. Missed he will be.
Ride on, Tony
Fuckin' A, I ain't seen you around here in a minute.
...sad; Tony was a good distant buddy that helped me with logistics in many occasions, even my parents were in one of his houses picking British parts for me.
He was strong enough to know that in few days he would die and just let it go and be free on the mind.
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