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I just got this from one of our own, but the damn thing is just a bit too small for my giant melon....My loss is your Gain....90 shipped (what I paid)

Size is Large, great shape, some stickers and bugs

Product Description

Same great Troop style, fit and comfort as the model 1. Close fitting, lightweight and with a lower chin on the face mask than it's sibling to help cover and keep that scraggly beard nice and protected! Same great color choices and ready to run or paint how you like it. Padded D-ring chin strap keeps it on your noggin even when jumping head-first off porches and trailer roofs for your next web video. Removable padding / liner on the interior is fully machine-washable guaranteeing that you can stay spring-time fresh all year 'round! Remember, these helmets are non-DOT approved and meant for novelty use only.

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