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Triumph version 2.0 running

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Big thanks to my friend Juan for coming over on Sunday and literally lending me a hand. Couldn't get it to start without him putting his hand over the carb intake.
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Love the color combo. Green is for the money and Gold is for the honey!

By any chance is your friend Juan actually Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan?

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Bout time!!!!!

Sorry I couldnt help this time...... :mad:

Nope, wrong Juan! Cant imagine don magic Juan getting his hands dirty on a triumph...

Roach, no worries man! You can help me with the ironhead. ;)

OGB, paint was done by jjer davec. Look for a feature on Dave in the next show class, and while you're at it hit up the show class blog for a peak at a helmet he painted we are going to give away to one lucky show class supporter!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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